R44 Sales


The R44 Raven II helicopter, is a world renowned private helicopter from Robinson Helicopters.

We build these helicopters by an approved Robinson service centre here in the UK. We offer a 2 year warranty for all our R44 Raven II builds.

As we are building these, we can customise certain elements to your specification. From the colour of the paintwork, to the seat colour, or even just the headset!

Our clients have saved over in excess of £80,000 (£100,000 USD) and with the personalisation of the build just for you the helicopter is just like new!

Our service centre we use, has completed in excess of many rebuilds in the past 12 years. With this security of knowledge you know you are dealing with a company that will look after your helicopter as if it was our own.

R44 Information

Raven II and Clipper II helicopters are powered by Lycoming’s IO-540 fuel injected engine. The IO-540 delivers better altitude performance, increased payload and eliminates the need for carburettor heat.

The R44’s aerodynamic fuselage optimises airspeed and fuel economy. Hydraulic controls eliminate feedback forces and provide responsive handling. A low tail-rotor tip speed, newly designed muffler and large cambered tail reduce flyover noise.


  • Hydraulic power controls
  • RPM throttle governor
  • Throttle correlator
  • Main and auxiliary crashworthy fuel bladder tanks
  • Engine oil lter and quick drain
  • Engine mufer
  • Cabin heater and defogger
  • Carbon monoxide detector
  • Rotor brake
  • Intercom switches
  • Avionics master switch
  • Tinted windows
  • Fabric velour seats
  • 3-point shoulder harnesses
  • Pilot-side adjustable pedals
  • Door locks
  • Sound damping headliner
  • Underseat storage
  • Belly hardpoint
  • LED anti-collision and navigation lights
  • Dual HID landing lights
  • LED panel and map lights
  • Tow cart adapter
  • Ground handling wheels
  • Rotor blade tie downs
  • Windshield cover
  • Travel bag

We build the Helicopter to your specification

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