Your home heli pads

We build a 12M x 12M landing pad just for your home. The advantages of your own personal landing pad is to keep FOD (foreign object damage) and flying debris from getting into your helicopter. It is a safety aspect to providing your landing area with a great visual reference point for approaches.

No maintenance: Permanent markings and absorption of small particles.

Making the Heli Pad unique

By adding lights, we can offer recessed lights, which are run on solar power batteries and with a click of a switch allows you to switch the lights on. Great when flying home when it is getting close to dusk, or even better to show friends around the house!

Air2Air Heli App to turn the lights on your HeliPad remotely!


  • Turn the lights on/off
  • Turn lights on for duration (1min - 120 mins)
  • Turn lights on when approaching, by GPS - Automatically (3 mile radius from your home)

What is the Air2Air Heli App?

When we install your home HeliPad, why not have some lights around the Helipad. We install green lights around the edge, and white lights recessed in the H.

Great for when you are flying in the dark or close to dusk back home. Or maybe just to show friends when you have a garden party with a glass of wine!

The Lights are powered by just a 12V battery that we install, with a Solar powered lid. We also install a GSM (Sim card) Switch box, which with our app, allows you to control when the lights come on and off.

Features of the Heli Pad

FAA approved, our helipads are designed specifically for the aviation industry, and have been tested/regulated by the FAA. Please contact is for more information on regard to the testing that has been carried out on our Heli Pads.

HeliPad installed at Wycombe Air Park, UK

Installed solar powered lighting system, which is activated by our App.